Friday, October 2, 2009

A real pro-family policy

There are many people in the GOP, in particular, the Christian right, that claim to espouse "pro-family policies". However, as much as we are like minded with Christian conservatives when it comes to the institution of family, we the Falconist Party feel we need a real pro-family policy that not only rebuilds and maintains the traditonal family unit, but also includes dealing with the issues of single people as well.

  1. Outlaw abortion and put an end to the holocaust that has claimed close to 60 million unborn lives.

  2. Promote adoption, especially of older children and special needs children.

  3. Establish group homes with full-time parents at the helm
  4. Implement a tax code that is more pro-family and provide financial incentives to encourage people to have more children.

  5. Implement universal health insurance through the GHAP
  6. Rebuild cities to be more family-friendly

  7. Oppose same-sex marriages and overturn the SCOTUS ban regarding sexual morality

  8. Repeal no-fault divorce laws

  9. Shut down the sex industry

  10. Establish a national organization to plan events for single people, match singles up with compatable people, and make singles datable and marriageable.

  11. Nationalize the marriage-brokering business

  12. Establish a cabinet level Department of Communications and Culture (DCC) to reduce anti-family content in the media.

  13. Guarantee the access of faith-based organizations to public funds

  14. Defend the right of religious people to evangelize without fear of arrest, prosecution, lawsuit, or administrative discipline.

If it wasn't for Roe Versus Wade, America would have 360 million people today instead of 310 million. There would be 27 million more GenXers today who would be defending our country, policing our streets, paying taxes into our social-welfare net, caring for our elderly, working our economy, and raising families of their own. On top of that, of the 50 million unborn lives that perished in the abortion holocaust, 20 million were afro-American. Abortion is one of the worst things to happen to the Afro-American community in its history.

We can prohibit abortion legally by either (A) overturning the SCOTUS decision on Roe Versus Wade or (B) amend the Constitution with a right-to-life amendment. However, it is not enough to just make abortion a criminal act. We must establish and maintain an infrastructure that will care for mothers who have unexpected pregnancies. We must provide a safe enviroment for women who were put in this situation regardless of how they ended up in that situation and enable them to bear healthy children into the world for them to raise or to put up for adoption.

We have two million children who grow up without parents or a family to call their own. That is why we must have a national crusade to adopt children without families, especially older children and children with special needs. If this crusade isn't enough, we should establish group homes in communities across America headed by full-time parents (Parent's who would be vocationally engaged in raising five or more orphans in the group home).

In enacting pro-family policies, one group of people that would be turned off by a pro-family agenda would be single people. I myself am currently in this ground. There are 50 million single people in the US. We must craft a policy that includes them. Some are single by choice, others by circumstance, and some by calling. For those who are single by circumstance, we need to help those singles who wish to marry and form families. That includes free counseling to deal with mental health issues so singles can become dateable and marriageable. That includes cosmetic surgery to make singles more attractive. That includes holding special events and activities for singles. That includes free matchmaking services that match up compatabile singles.

One by-product of cultural trends in America is the proliferation of "mail-order bride" services and "marriage-brokering" services. With our plan to abolish legal immigration limits, we think this will put a dent on the business. However, we may just nationalize what is left of the business and ensure that this is done in a orderly and morally manner.

For those who are single by choice or calling, our society must continue to accept them. The North American Christian Church must create a culture that encourages singles to not only attend to the needs of the married with children but also encourages families to attend to the needs of singles. No governmental policy I can think of can accomplish this. I can't speak for the Mosques, Synagogues, or other alternative belief systems because they have their own doctrines regarding marriage and singles.

Now for those that do marry, we do need to do something about our astonishingly high divorce rate. The only thing government can do in this case is enact no-fault divorce laws. We must build a culture that says divorce is not the solution to difficulties in marriage. We must build a culture that says marriage is for life and divorce is only acceptable in cases of adultery, abandonment and especially abuse. If one is in an abusive marriage, one has to leave his/her spouse.

Now just because people marry doesn't mean they will choose to have kids. A healthy society cannot force people to have children nor couples with children to have more children. However, a healthy society can reward people who choose to do so. Our version of the FairTax will provide prebates of $200/month (or $2400 a year) for every legal resident and member of his/her household. In addition, we can provide marriage loans and "baby bonds" to encourage people to have more children. If we replace the 1,000 different welfare programs in the government with this policy, we can afford this policy as well as save the government billions in welfare costs.

While it is sad to see cities in America declining in population and collapsing, we have the oppurtunity to take urban areas, buldozing them to the ground, and turn some of the land into family-friendly neighborhoods with single-family homes with sizeable backyards and townhomes. Not only would this revive some cities, this would also encourage marriage and family oriented people to move into the city and change its character.

At the same time, the bulldozing of run-down neighborhoods and the relocation of evacuees to new urban and rural communities erected in the sparsely populated parts of America may transform people who have been lost in the cracks of our society. When evacuees have been exposed to the people who live in Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, and the heartland, they may have a change of character to something more structured.

The Christian right is opposed to universal health insurance. We understand opposition to such items as euthanasia and abortion and we too oppose any universal health care plan that includes those elements. However, aside from those elements, nothing can be more pro-family than universal health coverage. Health care costs are one reason people are choosing to have fewer children, if any at all. That is why we call for the implementation of the Guaranteed Healthcare Access Plan (GHAP) which will issue healthcare certificates to all legal residents to enroll themselves and their families into private healthcare plans. All health insurance companies will have to accept those who wish to enroll regardless of pre-existing medical condition. This will eliminate the cost of underwriting from insurance companies bringing down costs. The GHAP will eliminate SCHIP and replace the employer-based health care system along with Medicare and Medicaid. In addition, we will establish a network of 24-hour aid-stations staffed by highly trained paramedics to provide free pre-natal care, basic medical care, and for those going into the military, physical exams.

One of the causes of the destruction of the family unit is the idea of sex outside of marriage. Our society now permits and encourages fornication, promiscuity, homosexuality, pornography, and some are even calling for the legalization of prostitution. The SCOTUS ruled in 2002 that states cannot make laws regarding what sexual behavior should be legal or illegal. We have to appoint judges to overturn this ban or enact a Constitutional amendment.

True, what goes on behind closed doors is the business of the people in the bedroom. However, if our society were to rule that promiscuity, homosexuality, and prostitution is legitimate sexual behavior. Then why not bigamy, polygamy, bestiality? A line must be drawn in the sand and that line is that sex is to occur between a man and a woman unconditionally bound together in holy matrimony. Anything outside of that is wrong and outside of what people are designed for.

This is not to say we want to stone people for engaging in sexual immorality. We don't want to do that nor make people wear the letter "A" around their neck. Nor do we don't want to round up adulterers, gays and prostitutes and send them into concentration camps. On the contrary, we want people to recieve the help they need even if the help they need is "tough love". We don't even want the state to really enforce this. The church is better at dealing with this than the state can be and the state should only be involved when the law is broken.

Another thing that must be done is we must shut down the sex industry. We can do this by denying permits to people who want to open strip clubs and XXX movie theaters. We can deny corporation status to those who want to open sex-related businesses online or in realspace. We can regulate the internet more intensely through a special section of the new Department of Culture and Communications.

The new Department of Culture and Communications (DCC) will take over the Post Office as well as the functions of the Federal Communications Comission, the Motion Picture Association of America, PBS, NPR, and the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities, and the cable companies. Every household in America will be provided free cable service through the DCC. However, the DCC will block on-request of the citizen, certain networks that contain objectionable material.

With the DCC taking over the functions of the MPAA, we will modify the rating system and all films released in America must have a DCC rating. We will still have G, PG, PG-13, and R. But we will do away with NC-17. If a content of a film is to objectionable for an "R" rating, it won't be released.

While we believe that the first amendment didn't include obscenity, we do believe the first amendment guarantees, not prohibits the right of believers of every faith to practice their faith openly in the public arena. We will guarantee the right of believers to organize faith-based clubs in the public square, including the workplace and the school. We will guarantee the right of believers to pray openly everywhere.

In addition, we will gurantee the right of parents to educate their children at home as well as to discipline their children without the fear of arrest and prosecution. We will also authorize public schools to use corporal punishment if necessary to restore order to our schools and discipline our students. The police will also be endowed with this authority as well.

But policy and government action has its limits. In order to turn our society back into a more traditional society, the champions of traditional values must move into the places held by those who stand against it. We must move back into our cities and take them back. We must move into the worst parts of these towns and rebuild them. Moving away and raising families in isolated little communities in one part of America is not the solution. We have to stop giving ground to secular humanists and start meeting secular humanists and those who follow them head down. This is not to take ground from them but to take them into our fold.

If we implement this policy, we will see rise in the birth rate, the reversal of the graying of America, a more moral society, and a more healthy and dynamic society. We will see a society with less crime, less children growing up without two parents, fewer criminals, and a more spiritual society.

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  1. I agree. We need to get back to traditional family values. Both the left and the right have contributed to moral decline. The counterculture left and the corporatist right are cut out of the same cloth in that they both promote a destructive hyper-individualism. The right kind of safety net and an economy geared to the needs of working Americans combined public policy advancing social traditionalism would revitalize family life in the U.S.