Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Energizing America

America suffers from a lethal addiction to foriegn oil. The left champions conservation and the development of alternative energy sources. The right champions increased domestic drilling of oil as well as increasing the use of nuclear power. We Falconists say we need to do both. Here is our energy policy.

  1. Fund the construction of refineries to refine gasoline from coal and subsidize the cost of refining gasoline from coal keeping it competive with oil-refined gasoline.
  2. Allow drilling in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge, but hold oil companies responsible for any ecological destruction as a result.
  3. Allow more drilling and extraction of oil and natural gas offshore
  4. Construct huge solar farms in the Southwestern United States
  5. Implement the Picken's Plan as part of our larger energy policy
  6. Build thousands of solar, nuclear, coal, geothermal, wind, and tidal power plants
  7. Build a nationwide "bullet-train" network to connect America's major cities, cutting down on gasoline and jet fuel consumption.
  8. Use the information superhighway to encourage telecommuting, reducing fuel consumption
  9. Fund the construction and rebuilding of commuter rail systems in our major cities
  10. Build a network of ten-kilometer wide sattelite solar power stations in low Earth orbit to collect the sun's solar energy 24-7 and beam it to collectors on Earth in the form of Microwaves.
  11. Reorganize and retool the American automobile industry to build fleets of motor-vehicles that run on hydrogen, natural gas, electricity, alcohol, diesel fuel as well as gasoline.

It is said that America has enough coal to last 1,000 years. The Germans in World War II made erastz fuel from coal. We should use the same method the Germans used in the war to make America self sufficent in gasoline. Granted this method is more expensive than refining gasoline. That is why we propose subsidizing this process to be competitive with refining from oil. If we can totally rely on American coal for gasoline, we can eliminate our dependency on foriegn oil altogether. Not to mention we will revive alot of American minining towns and create more jobs for Americans.

We need to increase domestic production of oil, may it be offshore drilling, extraction from oil shale, or drilling in ANWR. This doesn't mean we don't let oil companies off the hook for any ecological destruction as a result. If they fail to protect the environment in their drilling, they will pay the price!

We need to build more power plants to keep up with demand for electricity. This means building more solar, nuclear, wind, geothermal, coal, and tidal power plants. We don't need to use oil or natural gas for generating electricity. We need to use every other source of energy to meet America's energy needs. By relying on other sources of electricity, we will have more oil and gas to heat homes and fuel motor vehicles.

As we develop domestic sources of energy, both fossil fuels and alternative energy, we also need to be more efficient in our use. Yes, we do need to promote mass transit and build more mass transit systems in America. Yes, a nationwide high-speed rail network that carries 300 mile-per-hour bullet trains should be built. Yes, we do need to build more greenways and encourage people to bike instead of drive. Yes, we do need to build a "smart-grid" and digitize electricity distribution. Yes, we do need to encourage telecommuting and connect all of America to the information superhighway.

The thing that not only could end America's reliance on fossil fuel and make America a net exporter is the construction of ten-kilometer wide Sattelite Solar Power Stations in low-Earth orbit to collect the sun's solar energy 24-7 and beam it to collectors on Earth in the form of microwaves which in turn will turn them into electricity for consumption as well as refining hydrogen from seawater to fuel America's motor vehicles and aircraft. To do this will require us developing a larger and permanent presence in space. We need to rebuild our fleet of spacecraft and develop a mature space transportation system. But this would be our ultimate goal.

If we implement this policy, we will make America energy independent, we will reduce our trade deficit, we will reduce the funding of Islamic extremists and rogue states, we will create more jobs here in America, we will eventually reduce our global footprint, and we will be a more prosperous nation. We don't need to choose from just the right and the left in developing an energy policy. We need to pursue energy independence with BAMM, By Any Means Necessary.

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  1. Great points. Energy independence is critical to our nation's future and no single source of energy is sufficient to supply all needs.