Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Falconist Plan to win the war on drugs and crime

While crime overall, especially violent crime, has been on the decline since the mid 1990s, America is still one of the most violent nations on the planet. While crime has remained steady in our largest cities, it has also been on the rise in our smaller and mid-size cities. We believe that we need a real battle plan to wage and win this war on drugs, crime and terrorism and we fortunately have one. The battle plan consists of the following elements.

  1. Issue weapons to all law abiding citizens and training them in personal protection.
  2. Fund state and local police departments to hire 1.5 million more police officers as well as increasing their compensation and benefits and arming police officers to the teeth.
  3. Enact tough criminal codes and tougher punishments for offenders
  4. Build and operate prisons that rehabilitate as well as punish
  5. Institute alternative correction measures and punishments and to prison terms
  6. Raze failed inner city neighborhoods to the ground and relocate evacuees to new urban and rural communities established in the sparsely settled regions of America.
  7. Establish Economic Refugee Centers
  8. Unclog our judicial system of frivilous lawsuits through tort reform.
  9. Restore discipline to the home and the school
  10. Empower police officers to do their jobs
  11. Stop treating juveniles with a slap on the wrist
  12. Institute programs to guide and discipline our youth
  13. Restore public morality and traditional values to our society.

We don't think it is enough to just defend the right to bear arms. We think we must take the additional step and issue weapons to all law-abiding citizens and training them in personal protection. If more people were issued weapons and trained in their use, we would have alot more believers in the second amendment and a decrease in crime. Also, the reality today is that more people need to learn to defend themselves, especially young single women. There have been many arguments for preserving our second amendment rights so no need to reinterate them.

Our police departments, especially urban police departments such as Baltimore, Philadelphia, Detroit, NYC, LA, and DC are way undermanned. That is why we call for the funding of police departments to recruit, hire, train and deploy another 1.5 million more police officers on our streets, especially in our most crime-ridden areas of our country. We will also fund our police departments to greatly increase the pay and benefits for our police officers as well as to equip them with information technology, vehicles, and weapons necessary to make our streets safer.

In every state, we will enact a tough criminal code. Every state and territory of the United States that Falconists will control will make murder and sexual abuse capital crimes with death row appeals limited to one per convict. Anyone who is convicted of three or more violent felonies in three separate cases, including offenses committed in prison, will also be subject to capital punishment. We will also simplify the law code so it is simple enough for people to understand.

America has 1% of its population in prison. That currently is three million people. It is not enough to just lock offenders away. Even though we call for longer prison terms, eventually, convicts have to be released back into society. That is why we need to build and maintain prisons that rehabilitate offenders. Joe Acripa's Tent City in Maricopa County, Arizona is an example for how we should run our prisons. Prisons should be places nobody should want to go to or return to. However, we should also build prisons that keep convicts busy so they won't get into mischief in prison as well as to give them skill-training, counseling, and treatment so when they return to society, they will be productive members of society.

In addition to prison, we should look at alternatives to time in jail. Such alternatives include "shaming", caning or flogging, service in drug rehabilitation centers, and restorative justice sentences where offenders have to work for the people they offended. We don't need to send everyone to jail. If we can correct people without sending them to jail, then we should do so.

Most of our crime is still occuring in our inner city neighborhoods and in or around our public housing projects. We need to raze failed inner city neighborhoods to the ground. The evacuees of such neighborhoods will be relocated to new urban and rural communites erected in Wyoming, Montana, Maine, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Idaho, Minnesota, Nebraska, and other sparsely settled parts of America. These new communities will not be like the failed public housing projects. These new communities will be well-designed, well-built, well-maintained, and will have a tough code of rules for the residents to follow. Once the inner city neighborhoods have been razed to the ground, we will build new urban communities and repopulate them with immigrants as well as those attracted to the urban lifestyle. Maybe evacuees will move to these communities as well. However, if we do the job of building the new communities in sparsely populated America right, they won't want to.

Welfare has been associated with crime. We believe welfare should be reserved for the elderly, infirm, and those that need a temporary helping hand. Every other government check aside from the FairTax should be earned checks. We propose the establishment of Economic Refugee Centers to intern welfare recipients and rehabilitate them into productive citizens. People who are interned in ERCs will be well-fed, well clothed, and well housed while they recieve skill training, counseling, and any other rehabilitation that they require. Not only would this reduce welfare rolls and save the government billions, this would also reduce crime as well as turn people who merely consumped into productive citizens.

Parents, teachers, and police officers are afraid of administrative, civil, or criminal liability if they use force or corporal punishment in performing their roles. True, we must avoid the abuse of this authority. However, we have went too far. Criminals don't fear the police and juvenile deliquents don't fear their parents, teachers or police officers. We need to bring ballance to this issue. We need to restore corporal punishment to schools and we need to free parents to discipline their children. There is a fine line between discipline and abuse. But parents have the right, if not the obligation to discipline their children.

The judicial system especially treats juveniles with a slap on the wrist. We propose that if an offender is at least 14 years old, he/she should be tried as an adult in all cases and be detained in juvenile detention until he/she turns 18 where he/she will be transfered to adult detention. If juvenile deliquents realized they will be punished like adults for their actions, they will stop commiting criminal acts. Bullies who abuse others should be tried for simple assault and spend a year or less in juvenile detention for their actions or be subject to caning . Deliquents who steal cars should spend at least two years in juvenile detention or be subject to caning.

It is not the youth that are always at fault for their paths of criminal behavior. Some kids grow up in homes without any structure or discipline whatsoever. That is why we propose expanding Junior ROTC to every high school in America. JROTC will give more kids the structure and discipline they need to not only stay out of trouble but to become more informed, patriotic, engaged and well-productive citizens of our society. For youth that don't attend schools where JROTC is absent or who are home-schooled, we will institute a Cadet Corps program for them to participate in. We will also institute more residential paramilitary academies for at-risk youth like Freestate Academy in Maryland. We will also encourage judges and educational administrators to order at-risk students into private military schools at public expense.

Finally, we must restore public morality and traditional values to our society. Too many children are growing up in broken homes where the parents are divorced or where one is absent. People today have become bad stewards of the institution of marriage and family. We need to put the family unit back together because it is the family unit that is the first department of health, education and welfare.

How do we know if we have won the war against drugs, crime, and terrorism? We propose that when the national crime rate falls below 5%, that should be considered victory. When crime is more than 5% for the nation or for a juridstriction, then another war on crime in America or a particular juridstriction is declared until the crime rate falls below 5%. But we can trully declare victory when people can walk the streets safely at night and when people no longer have to lock their doors. We can and we should win this war on drugs and crime.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Alot of people will aks how will the Falconist Party deal with the issues facing America and the world amid the global economic meltdown? How will the Falconist Party deal with a $13 trillion dollar national debt and rising? Well, we do have a program and it constitutes the following.
  1. Replace the Federal Reserve with a USG owned-and-operated Bank of the United States
  2. Implement our version of the FairTax plan
  3. Launch a program to rebuild America that makes the Obama plan pale in comparison
  4. Replace our welfare system with a workfare system
  5. Implement the Guaranteed Healthcare Access Plan
  6. Increase legal immigration and assimilation
  7. Cut and reduce wasteful government spending
  8. Sell federal lands back to the American people
  9. Dedicate 1% of the GDP to paying off the principle of the national debt

The Federal Reserve is semi-private with the biggest banks owning the largest shares of the central bank. Our plan is to replace the Federal Reserve with a government owned-and-operated Bank of the United States whose chairman will be appointed by and subject to dismissal by the POTUS with the consent of Congress. This will take the power to coin money and regulate its value back from the bankers and place it in the hands of Congress.

The FairTax plan involves replacing the income, payroll, social security, medicare, alternative minimum, corporate, capital gains, estate and gift taxes with an inclusive National Sales Tax of 23% with monthly "Prebates" of $187/month and $65/month for every child in that household. Our version replaces the formentioned taxes with a inclusive NST of 25% and monthly prebates of $200 for every legal resident of the USA as well as $200/month for every child. In addition, our version of the FairTax will include a 2% National Land Value Tax. The LVT will only tax the land, not the buildings on it. The LVT will not only raise revenue but also promote land efficency and encourage the redevelopment of land that has been allready built over. The effects of this plan will be as follows.

  1. The FairTax plan will tax the overall size of the economy and not just the 160 million wage earners and businesses.
  2. The FairTax plan will do away with individual income tax returns
  3. The FairTax plan will save America $200 billion a year in tax-compliance costs
  4. The FairTax plan will encourage businesses from around the world to relocate their corporate headquarters and means of production to America.
  5. The FairTax plan will encourage trillions of dollars to flow from Offshore Financial Centers back to the USA.
  6. The FairTax plan will tax illegal immigrants, criminals, and the underground economy
  7. Encourage the economy to grow at an annual rate of 15%

The next element of our plan will be to pass another stimilus package but a real rebuilding program for America. We will spend 5% of America's GDP annually on rebuilding America's infrastructure. Here are the elements of that program.

  1. Build a nationwide network of desalination plants, pipelines, reserviors, dams, canals, and irrigation systems to meet America's water needs as well as replinish aquifiers and dried up rivers, lakes, and streams.
  2. Rebuild America's roads, streets, and freeways, doubling the number of freeway miles around our major cities.
  3. Rebuild or replace half of the bridges that are falling apart in America
  4. Build more power plants, including coal, solar, nuclear, wind, geothermal, and tidal.
  5. Build more health care facilities to provide health care to our people
  6. Build more educational facilities and rebuild existing ones to train the labor force we need to compete in the 21st century
  7. Build more public safety facilities such as police and fire stations
  8. Build more affordable housing units
  9. Rebuilding our urban centers as well as new communities in the sparsely populated parts of America where current residents of public housing will be relocated to.
  10. Rebuild our water mains and other overlooked yet essential parts of our infrastructure.
  11. Reviving the WPA and PWA as well as create a Green Corps to put people to work on these projects.

If we spend 5% of our GDP every year to rebuild our infrastructure, we will immediately put 13 million people to work in America at living wages rebuilding America and we will add $3 to the GDP for every $1 invested in rebuilding our country. Every person we put to work rebuilding our country will also be one person or family we will lift out of poverty and one person or family we will take off our welfare rolls.

I wrote extensively about the GHAP in my previous blog entry concerning health care. The GHAP will replace SCHIP, Medicare, Medicaid, and the employer-based health care system with a system of universal health vouchers for all legal residents to enroll themselves in private insurance plans. This will save employers the cost of providing health insurance to their employees, phase out Medicare and Medicaid, and reduce health care costs as a share of our GDP.

One of the reasons we are having large budget deficits is the increasing costs of social security and medicare. The reason these costs are exploding is because the beneficiaries of these programs are increasing while the wage-earnes are decreasing. To keep these programs solvent, we need to increase the population of wage earners and have a proper population pyramid. In the long run, that means enacting pro-family policies and restoring a culture that encourages large families. In the short run, that means increasing legal immigration and assimilation. I will elaborate more on this in a later blog.

Another reason for budget deficits is wasteful government spending. We can reduce this by consolidating the thousands of programs in dozens of agencies. Instead of having 70 programs for drug abuse, how about one administered by the Health Department. Instead of having dozens of programs to help farmers, how about just one administered by the Department of Resources or Department of Rural, Urban, and Suburban Affairs? We can probably save $400 billion in consolidating government programs and streamling the government which could go to financing our other programs without increasing the tax burden on the American people.

The USG owns an incredible amount of land that could be used for farming, logging, mining, or creating solar farms to meet America's needs. We will sell most unused federal land back to the people save the land we will require for our new communities in sparsely populated America as well as for military posts for our expanding military.

Finally, we need to dedicate at least 1% of the GDP to paying off the principle of the national debt. We already spend $200-400 billion a year on interest on the national debt. If we ballance the budget and dedicate 1% of our GDP (which is currently $13 trillion) to debt retirement, we will be paying off the national debt at $130 billion a year. However, as the economy expands, we can begin paying the debt off at $260 billion a year once the economy doubles. After the economy doubles again, we will pay $520 billion in principle on the national debt. After 15-20 years, we will have retired the national debt and save America $200-400 billion a year in interest on the national debt.

When we have rebuilt our infrastructure, implemented our new tax code, reformed health care, reformed our government, and retired our national debt, we will be a creditor nation again and once again be the world's economic hyperpower. Our task is not insurmountable. It is in our reach. We just need to make these bold steps in doing so.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Falconist plan to reform our politics and government

Our political system is biased against minor parties and towards incumbents who implement the same failed programs year after year. K-Street has way too much influence over Congress. The laws of the nation and the policies that affect the world today are made by only 535 people who are not in touch with the American people. The Falconist Party says we need to reform our political system and reform our government so that it is in touch with the American people and does more with less.

To begin with, we need to reorganize the Executive Branch of our government so that the POTUS has greater control over the bureaucracy as well as execute its mission more efficiently and effectively. With this in mind, we propose the following measures for the executive branch.
  1. The Departments of Commerce and Labor will be merged into a Department of Commerce and Labor (DCL). Not only would this reduce bureaucracy, this will also harmonize the interests of business and labor in dealing with America’s economic issues.
  2. The Departments of Interior, Agriculture, the EPA, and elements of the Department of Energy will be merged into the new Department of Resources (DERES).
  3. The Department of Housing and Urban Development along with elements of the Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Transportation will be merged into the Department of Rural, Urban, and Suburban Affairs (DRUSA). The DOT will become an Office of Transportation within DRUSA and the Civil Air Agency will become an independent agency.
  4. The Department of Health and Human Services will be split into the Department of Health and the Department of Workfare.
  5. The Department of Homeland Security will be changed into the Department of Civil Security.
  6. The separate departments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force will be replaced by a Joint Force Defense Headquarters run by the Secretary of Defense.
  7. The Department of Energy will change into the Department of Science and Technology
  8. The Postal Service, the National Endowment of the Arts and Humanities, PBS, NPR, and the new National Internet Administration (NIA, formerly the Rural Electrification Administration) will all become part of the new Department of Culture and Communications (DCC)
  9. Create five new offices of Vice-President for Economic Policy, Domestic Policy, Operations, National Security, and Administration. All cabinet officers will report to these five appointed VPs with the elected VP serving as the Executive VP.
  10. Consolidate programs with a similar mission into a single program and assign it to a specific department or agency.
  11. Assign new missions to agencies that completed their previous mission and reorganize those agencies for their new missions if necessary.
  12. Combine the separate 200+ law enforcement agencies of the U.S. Government into a single U.S. Police Force operating under the Department of Civil Security. The U.S. Marshal’s Service will continue to operate under the Department of Justice and will serve as the national “sheriff’s office” of the United States.

As far as Congress goes, we propose expanding Congress to 5,000 members and move from single-member districts to multi-member districts whose constituents will use a Single Transferable Vote system (STV) to elect members of the House of Representatives. Not only would this even the playing field for minor parties, but it will also give smaller states more representation in Congress as well as reducing the numbers of constituents a member of the House represents from close to a million down to 60,000.

On the state and local level, we propose replacing bicameral state legislatures with unicameral state legislatures of 200 members each. The 200 state legislators will be elected by the constituents in 40 state legislative districts with five legislators for each district. We propose that state legislators are also elected by the Single Transferable Vote system. We also propose that states apportion their electoral votes for POTUS in proportion the percentage of the popular vote won by each candidate. The candidate with the most popular votes in that state will receive two electoral votes that represent the two U.S. Senate seats. Finally, we propose eliminating all hurdles that prevent minor party candidates from obtaining ballot status.

We also propose reducing the number of local governments in America from over 80,000 to 40,000 by replacing counties, townships, and special districts with municipalities. This will save taxpayers $200 billion a year in taxes. That same $200 billion can also be used in building roads, schools, and bridges, hire more police officers, firefighters and rescue workers, build new schools and hire more teachers. We can also alter the border s of municipalities to combine large cities with suburbs broadening their economic and demographic base as well as more capable of handling problems that cross existing city and county lines. Municipal councils should also be elected by a Single Transferable Vote system.

We will also review all federal programs and consolidate those programs that have overlapping missions. We have over 1,000 programs in 13 different agencies that deal with drug abuse. We should consolidate them into a single program administered by the Department of Health. We have a dozen programs in a dozen different agencies to assist agriculture. We should consolidate them into a single program administered by DRUSA. We have over 1000 different programs in Education in a score of educational agencies. They should be consolidated into a few programs administered by the Department of Education.

We must review the mission of every agency of the federal government. Some agencies that have completed their mission such as the Rural Electrification Administration will be given a new mission. The REA will be changed into the National Internet Administration, placed under the new Department of Culture and Communications, and be given the mission of connecting the whole country to the information superhighway. Some agencies and programs that have been proven failures will be terminated. And agencies with overlapping missions will be merged. This will save America billions of dollars, streamline our bureaucracy, and enable the government to really help those in need.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bring Back the Draft

With the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as potential conflicts horizon as well as to deal with problems here at home, the Falconist Party propose a program of Universal Military Training and Mandatory National Service. Our UMT and MNS program consists of the following.

  1. All Americans 26 years old and above will serve one year of military service for basic military, skill and citizenship training followed by part-time service as citizen-soldiers in the National Gaurd, Reserve, or state militias.
  2. All Americans 18-26 will serve at least two years of MNS with a minimum of a year being military service for basic military, skill, and citizenship training. The remainder of their stint may be spent in the military or service in urban law enforcement, firefighting, rescue work, the Green Corps, the Health Corps, the Peace Corps, Ghetto Corps, Teacher's Corps, Freedom Corps, any form of service that takes someone out of their "comfort zone" and puts them in unfamiliar surroundings, may involve hardship, and possible exposure to danger.
  3. All immigrants will serve a year of military service for basic military, skill, and citizenship training followed by part-time service in the National Guard, Reserve, and state militias. Those that serve three years in the military or serve a year on the front-lines will be fast-tracked to American citizenship.
  4. The draft will be "air-tight", no deferments or safe duty for the privileged. Regardless if you are "Joe Blow" or Paris Hilton, you will serve two years of MNS and serve in the military.
  5. Our UMT and MNS will be flexible enough so that those pursuing a skill that is badly needed such as health care, engineering, natural sciences, information technology, may perform their MNS in those roles. Those High School graduates who are in the top 10% of all those turning 18 may recieve ROTC scholarship and attend college first followed by serving in the military for four years folllowed by part-time service in the National Guard, Reserve, and State Militias. In addition to ROTC, those that recieve an appointment to a federal service academy or a military college will forfill their military service obligation after the completion of their college education.
  6. Illegal aliens, Convicts, and Ex-Convicts may opt for service in the U.S. Foriegn Legion which will be operate under the U.S. Army but with service just as strict and rigorously enforced as the French Foriegn Legion. All bases of the legion will be based outside the CONUS and after four years of service, legionares will have their criminal records erased and their citizenship rights restored (or in the case of illegals granted)
  7. Several new service-corps will be created. The Green Corps will be engaged in maintaining our national parks and forests, cleaning up our brownfields, fighting forest fires, planting new forests and engaged in other conservation projects, and rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. The Health Corps will assign MNS participants to staff inner-city hospitals, community aid stations, and rest homes for the elderly. The Ghetto Corps will be involved in helping to rebuild our urban centers and provide social services to the families of the inner city. The Peace Corps will be expanded twenty-fold and will be engaged in nation-building as well as its current mission. The Freedom Corps will continue in its current mission with many more people provided by MNS.

Now alot of people are opposed to the draft for various reasons. Some people claim that the draft is a form of involuntary servitude and is against the Constitution. Some people claim that the draft is an insult to those who chose to enlist voluntarly. Sope people claim that an all-volunteer military is superior to a conscript force and a draft will reduce the overall quality of our military. Some people say we don't need a large military and the trend is toward smaller forces with more high tech weaponry best used by volunteers. Here are our arguments for our program of UMT and MNS.

  1. UMT and MNS will expose everyone from all walks of life, rich and poor, black and white, North and South, Red State and Blue State, urban and rural, to the military and to each other. They will all get hardened together and recieve the stuff they aren't getting at home, school or church such as discipline, patriotism, and a foot-locker full of values.
  2. Benjamin Franklin once said "we shall all hang together or we will all hang separately. Nothing says "we are in this together" more than UMT and MNS. All too often, the burden of defending our society falls on 1/2 of one percent of our society with the remaining 99.5% reaping the benefits. Governor Mike Huckabee saw that in many churches, it is 10% of any congregation that serves while 90% reap the benefits of those who serve and saw the same for our society today. Everyone should step up to the plate and serve. Everyone should share in the sacrifice. It is unfair that 0.5% of the population is bearing the sacrifice of defending this great country. When a country goes to war, the whole country should go to war.
  3. We need a large military period. We should have a million troops in Iraq and a million troops in Afghanistan. In addition, we have to be prepared for future conflicts with Sudan, Somalia, Haiti, Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Burma, and maybe even with China and Russia. We also need to secure our borders. This requires a much larger army than we have now.
  4. While an all-volunteer force is superior to a conscript one and the conscript one is not the ideal, an all-volunteer force that is undermanned, overstretched, underequipped, underappreciated, and undersupplied is not the ideal either. An all-volunteer force that can't fill its ranks in a time of war is not superior to a conscript force.
  5. Decorated Vietnam War veteran Colonel David Hackworth commanded both conscripts and volunteers in Vietnam and said the conscripts fought just as hard if not more so than the volunteers. While the military has its fair-share of people who favor an all-volunteer military, there are those who also call for a return to the draft. To say that conscripts are not as good as soldiers as volunteers is an insult to those that were drafted into the military and fought honorably when they didn't want to.
  6. A conscript force doesn't mean we will have low morale or a low quality force. We should continue to pursue every technological advantage as well as maintain the high morale of our military. The Israeli Defense Force today and the West German military in the 1980s both have a program of UMT and their forces are probably just as powerful as ours on a man-per-man basis. The German Whermacht of the 1940s was a conscription-based military with a high morale, equipped with the latest technologies of its day, and held its own for five years. It took a conscript-based American military and its allies who used conscription to defeat it. True, many Americans immediately enlisted after Pearl Harbor, but after Pearl Harbor, the volunteer rates went down the military soon became a draft military. Ironically, the military that "lost" the Vietnam War (which it didn't really lose) was a military that was made up alot more of volunteers than draftees (however, many people enlisted in the military to avoid going into the infantry).
  7. While high-tech forces may devastate any army that opposes us today, you still need regular infantrymen and alot of them to hold the ground. Our military is awesome at waging the wars but has not done as well as a job as maintaining the peace. We defeated the Iraqi army in three weeks but it took us five years to pacify Iraq. Had we went in with a million troops, there would have been no insurgency and the rebuilding of Iraq would be well underway. The same goes for Afghanistan only that we would have destroyed the Taliban and have captured Osama Bin Ladden had we had a million troops in Afghanistan.
  8. In addition to our military, we have other manpower needs as well. Our urban police departments don't have enough cops, our rest homes lack people to staff them, our hopsitals lack health care workers, our schools lack teachers, this could be remedied by a program of MNS. Granted we also need to pay our police officers, firefighters, rescue workers, health care workers alot more, we also need a program of MNS to direct people into these career fields who would otherwise not consider them.
  9. There is a growing culture gap between our military and civilian sectors of society. UMT and MNS will narrow or eliminate that culture gap. In the 1940s and 1950s, employers knew what an XO or a company was when they interviewed veterans because they were veterans themselves. Now veterans have to explain what an XO or a company is to employers. There is also a growing difference in values between the military and civilian sectors of our society. We need UMT to harmonize those values. On top of that, when the military becomes more and more alien to the society it is taksed to defend, the civilan sector of society will begin to perceive the military as more and more as a threat.
  10. Libertarians and Constitutionalists argue that UMT and MNS is slavery and is illegal under our Constitution. First of all, I don't think the authors of the 13th amendment had in mind the abolition of the draft when they wrote the 13th amendment. Second of all, George Washington authored the National Defense Act of 1797 which required all Americans 18 and above to serve in the state militias. The late William F. Buckley who harbored many Libertarian tendencies argued for the reinstatment of the draft in his book "Gratitude". Bill Buckley argued that without a system of UMT and MNS, our nation would merely become a huge trading bazzar and that was not what the Founding Fathers had in mind.

So in conclusion, we need a program of UMT and MNS to rebuild our great military. However, in addition, we need UMT and MNS to make America a better nation and a better people. We need to remind ourselves that our freedom is not free but requires all of us to pay a price of sacrifice and eternal vigilance to maintain our way of life. We need UMT and MNS to remind us that with our way of life comes the duty to preserve it and defend it. An all-volunteer force may produce a better military. But UMT and MNS will produce better Americans and a America that will continue to be worth defending.

The Falconist Health Care plan

The big lightingstorm in American politics today is the health care debate. We, the Falconist Party believe America needs a universal health insurance plan. However, we need an American health care policy that not only insures everyone but provides the health care Americans need, improves the overall health of the American people, and drastically reduces the share of the GDP America spends on health care. Here are the elements of our plan.

  1. The cornerstone of the Falconist Health Care program will be the Guaranteed Healthcare Access Plan. In a nutshell, the GHAP involves the issuing of healthcare certificates to all legal residents to enroll themselves and their families in a private insurance plan offered by an insurance company. Under the GHAP, all insurance companies will have to accept all those who wish to enroll regardless of pre-existing medical condition, therefore reducing the cost of underwritting and screening out those who would previously be considered "uninsurable". The GHAP will be financed by the FairTax under our version of this plan. A National Health Board modeled on the Federal Reserve Board will oversee this system and monitor the quality and cost of health care in America. The GHAP will eventually replace SCHIP, Medicare, Medicaid, and the entire employer-based health insurance system.
  2. Fund health professional schools to hire the instructional staff necessary to train more doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and other skilled health care professionals. We will fund all private, public, and faith-based universities to develop degree programs and schools to train the health care workers America needs.
  3. Establish a Health Corps as part of our Mandatory National Service program. Health Corps volunteers will staff rest homes for the elderly as well as staff urban and rural health care facilities.
  4. Establish a National Cure Center in Washington D.C. to research cures for diseases such as AIDS, Cancer, MS, ALS, diabetes, and so on. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound a cure. However, an ounce of cures is worth a pound of medicine. If we actually began to cure diseases instead of just using medication to patch people up to get them to the next stop, we may see an overall decline in health care costs.
  5. Increase overall funding in medical research and technologies that yeild medical benefits such as nanotechnology.
  6. Implement programs that encourage people to live healthier lifestyles. We have a society that accomadates smokers with "cigarette breaks". How about giving people "exercise breaks" to encourage people to exercise? How about encouraging companies to establish physical training programs for their employees?
  7. The rising cost of health care is a symptom of the "graying of America". As America's elderly makes up more and more of share of America's population as a whole, then health care costs will continue to rise as the elderly consume the most health care. We need a program that will reverse the "graying of America". This will be outlined in a later blog. But our program will consist of implementing pro-family policies, outlawing abortion, and increasing legal immigration while cracking down on illegal immigration. If we reduce the share of America's population that is above the age of 65, we will see health care costs of the share of the GDP decline as well.

Welcome to my blog

This is my first blog with Blogger. I have a blog on MySpace and Bebo. But I think for our party website, I will be expressing my views in this blog for now.