Saturday, December 17, 2011

The 40% Plan

I have been trying to compose an economic plan to get us out of this great recession and I came up with an idea. I call my plan the 40% plan and here are components of the plan.

First of all, we would have a 20% Flat Tax on individuals and corporations on all income after the first $20,000, a 15% Goods and Services Tax (GST), a 0.5% tax on derrivatives (D-Tax), a carbon tax, an inheritance tax tax on estates worth $5 million or more, and a 3% Land Value Tax (LVT). The payroll and alternative minimum taxes would be abolished while corporate and capital gains taxes will be rolled into the flat tax. If the LVT, D-Tax, and GST raise sufficient revenue, then the income tax will be reduced and eventually abolished. To make the system more progressive, every man, woman, and child legally residing in America will recieve a $2000 annual tax credit.

I intially supported the FairTax but I came to realize a exclusive sales tax of 30% (or an inclusive sales tax of 23%) would be seen as too high for consumers and that no country in the world has abolished income taxes. Even Russia has a flat tax and VAT and is one of the most prosperous economies in the world right now. China, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea have streamlined and flattened tax systems that tax income, consumption and land and they are reaping the benefits.

I would then outline the federal budget like this: Of 100% of the GDP 5% will go to social security, 5% will go to health care, 5% will go to defense, 5% will go to rebuilding the infrastructure, 5% will go to education, 2% will go to "general government", 2% will go to Criminal Justice and Homeland Security, 2% will go to paying the intrest on the national debt, 1% will go to research and development, and 3% will go to paying down the national debt.

The principle of the national debt will be built into the federal budget and reducing it will be a national priority. If we can combine this with a high rate of economic growth, we can retire the national debt in 10-15 years and save the American people $400 billion a year in interest payments on the national debt as well as save the average American $5000 a year in interest payments on their loans and mortages.

The 5% in rebuilding our infrastructure will go to shovel worthy projects as well as shovel ready ones. The American Society of Civil Engineers gave America an infrastructure report card of "D+" and estimated it will take $500 billion a year for the next five years to rebuild our infrastructure to support the current economy and population. We will build an infrastructure that will sustain the economic and population growth of decades to come. Future generations won't remember the "stimulus package" but they will reap the benefits of well maintained roads and bridges, a nationwide bullet train network, well built and maintained public safety, health care and educational facilities.

The 5% going to health care will go to Medicare and Medicaid alone. However, as the economy grows, we will implement a Universal Health Voucher system that will replace Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP along with the employer based health care system. All legal residents of the USA will recieve UHVs to enroll in basic medical and dental plans offered by insurance companies who will have to accept all those who wish to enroll regardless of pre-existing medical condition.

The 5% going to education will not go into the same broken education system we have now. We will reform our K-12 system as well as invest more money into it. We will implement a school voucher system. We will close the departments of education and recruit our teachers not from the high schools but from those who already have their B.A. degrees in the liberal arts and sciences and implement a apprenticeship program to train those from outside the teaching profession to become teachers brining real-life experience to the classroom. We will also have a universal GI Bill attached to a program of Mandatory National Service to give all Americans the oppurtunity to attain a higher education as a more educated workforce is essential to a more prosperous economy.

The 2% going to Criminal Justice and Homeland Security will go to recruiting and hiring four million more police officers, firefighters, and EMTs; keeping unrepentant inmates in jail and rehabiliting those who demonstrate repenatance; upgrating the technology, compensation, and benefits of all first responders, and financing a system of Immigration and Naturalization Centers to ensure the assilimilation of all immigrants into the USA.

The 1% spent on research and development will go to researching and developing alternative sources of energy, medical research, real scientific research on things like global warming, artificial intelligence, robotics, space exploration and colonization. America will become world's research and development laboratory once again. America will be on the cutting edge of technology once again.

We will continue to spend 5% of our GDP on defense and that may eventually be increased. However, we will also get more out of the defense dollars we spend by consolidating overlapping agencies and noncombat arms of the separate armed services. While we must pursue every technological advantage, we also must invest more in the things the grunts need like body armor and less on F-Machines that are too expensive to fly. We will invest in more manpower, more and better weapons for the grunts, more and better training, more tankers and transports, and more close air support aircraft.

I figure if we adopt this plan, we will have a economic growth rate of 15%, put 15 million people to work rebuilding America's infrastructure, pay down the debt in 15 years, extend health coverage to everyone, maintain and improve public service, afford universal tetitary education, and finance the military we need to defend this country. Eventually, we will also reduce the overall tax burden on the USA from 35% to 25% or less.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What to do about Egypt

I have been following the events in Egypt for the past two weeks just like many of you all have and people have been asking "what should we do about Egypt? Should we intervene?" I think it is safe to say that Mubarak has passed the point of no return and is on the way out. The question is who or what will take his place? Would it be another Arab strongman who may either be loyal or allied against the US? Would it be an Islamist regime that will ally itself with Iran against the US? Or would it become a true democratic republic with free elections and multiple parties?

At the time of this entry, I can't tell you what or who will take Mubarak's place. However, in the event that an Islamist regime or an anti-American Arab strongman takes power, I know what we must do. We must secure the Suez Canal and we must defend Israel against Egypt.

I propose assembling a multi-national coalition of combat divisions from NATO, the US, and other countries that will descend on the Suez Canal zone and secure it. This force will not only defend the canal from the Egyptian army but also create a firewall between Egypt and Israel. The canal will still belong to Egypt but because of the international strategic importance of the Suez Canal, Egypt will have to accept a permament multi-national military presence in the Suez Canal Zone.

If Egyptian forces engage the multi-national force in hostilities, then the multi-national force will advance to Cairo and forcibly remove the regime that authorized the attack on the canal. The multi-national force will occupy the country and new elections will be held to guarantee a democratic republic and security of the Suez Canal.

I hope it doesn't come to this. I rather see Egypt become a democratic republic on its own or at least have a strongman allied to the US rise to power. But we must secure the canal regardless of whomever rises to power in the post-Mubarak era.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

China-the new Soviet Union?

Siberia-millions of Chinese are moving into the Siberian Federal District and the Russian Far East establishing homesteads in a land home to around 20 million Russians. Chinese goods stock the stores of the shops in the cities of Siberia and the Russian Far East. Russians acknowledge the land East of the Ural Mountians is slowly becoming Chinese.

Africa-millions of Chinese flow into the Dark Continents and are building roads, freeways, railways (especially high-speed ones), power plants, schools, hospitals, harbors as well as establishing factories, mines, and plantations. Africans see this as the foundation for a modern economy and the means to lift millions of Africans out of poverty while China is investing in the dark continent to gain access to the fuel, raw materials and food to feed China's insatiable appetite for resources and fuel economic growth. However, China is on the verge of turning Africa into one big colony of China with the Chinese mandarins replacing British colonial administrators.

Indian Ocean-the Navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (CPLA) is establishing bases in Sri-Lanka, Bangledesh, and Pakistan, encircling India and worrying the leadership in Delhi. The Indian Ocean was thought to be in the Indian sphere of influence. However, China is increasing its presence in the Indian Ocean.

All this should be worrisome for us. If China snatches Siberia from Russia, it will become the largest nation in area and the resources of Russia will enable China to bolt way ahead of the USA. If China colonizes Africa, it will control two continents on Earth. America and China may return to a bipolar world. However, the ballance can very well be in favor of China.

If China builds a sufficent Navy to challenge the US Navy, then China can control the Pacific Ocean as well as move into the Phillipines, Indonesia, Paupa New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand.

The only Achillie's heel in China is the blowback of its One Child Per Family (OCPF) program. Because of OCPF, the working-age population is going to crash and China's population will begin to age and decline if this policy is not reversed. Moreover, another side effect of OCPF is the tradition of families favoring the male child over the female one and the female children being aborted or killed. This has resulted in a surplus of males in China and fewer females for Chinese men to marry and form families with. This means China will become aggressive and may engage the surplus male population in military adventures.

China could also send 4.7 million Chinese men to Russia since Russia also has a surplus population of women with alot of Russian men dying early for multiple reasons. This bi-racial mass hookup could reverse the population decline in Russia. However, it could also lead to the birth of a new generation of "Chinese-Russians" who may elect to have Russia join the PRC.

I think China may have the ability to become more than just a successor to the Soviet Union. The PRC may become the world's next hyperpower unless we immediately begin a policy of containment and thwart Chinese ambitions in Africa and elsewhere.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

FairTax, Flat tax or VAT

Some people question if our party is going to limit our options for replacing our broken tax code to the FairTax plan. I will say that the answer is no. We chose the FairTax plan and included it in our platform because at the time, that was and is our primary choice to replace the broken tax code.

Our party does back the FairTax plan, which replaces all income, corporate, payroll, social security, medicare, estate, gift, capital gains and alternative minimum taxes with an inclusive National Sales Tax of 23%, To make the NST a fair tax, all adult citizens will recieve a monthly check of $187 as well as a check of $65 per child living in that household. Under our version though, it will be a flat $200/month for every man, woman, and child living in that household.

Under the current version of FairTax, it is a flat National Retail Sales Tax of 23%. However, under our version of FairTax, we will consider a NST of 25% of a Value Added Tax of a rate that will be sufficent to raise the revenue necessary to finance our programs. The FairTax itself may have to be modified in order to pass through Congress as well as comply with World Trade Organization agreements as long as we are working with the WTO.

If we cannot enact a national consumption tax, then we will consider the Flat Tax. Bear in mind that the flat tax will not tax the underground economy, tax the offshore economy, and that the tax code has been flattened several times before. In defense of the Flat Tax though, many nations in Eastern Europe have adopted the flat tax and have been reaping the results.

Regardless of any of the tax systems we will choose, we will enact a National Land Tax on the unimproved value of land. Libertarians such as Milton Friedman advocated a land tax. People on the left advocated the land tax. The land value of the USA is around $33 trillion at the time of this post. A 2% tax would raise $660 billion. In addition, the land tax will encourage slumlords to dump their run-down properties and encourage land efficency. Finally, the better the land is managed, the increase in the value of the land and the more tax revenue is raised.

One thing is for certain, our tax code must be ripped out and replaced with a system that is fair, paperless for most Americans, raise the necessary revenue, promote savings and investment, encourages businesses from all over the world to relocate to the USA, and has the broadest base possible for taxation. We will not settle for anything less.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Colonize Haiti!

The recent disaster in Haiti is another nail on the coffin of a failed state named Haiti. While the USA is rightfully sending as much aid as possible to the poverty-stricken, ecologically devastated, economically shattered country, it will barely make a dent in the nation's situation. In fact, America has intervened in and withdrew from Haiti multiple times in U.S. History. So what can we do to finally make Haiti right.

I believe the only way we can make Haiti right is if America colonizes Haiti. We must occupy Haiti with 500,000 troops and appoint an American governor to govern the country with American officials carrying out the day-to-day administration of the nation until we train a new civil service administration for the country. We will invest $100 billion in building a system of infrastructure in Haiti which will put 1.6 million Haitians to work at living wages. We will build and operate schools to educate Haitians in the English languages as well as American History, culture and government.

After a decade or two of reconstruction, Haiti will be admitted into the union as a state and the Haitians will be free to elect their own leaders as well as the members of Congress that will represent Haiti.

This proposal will face opposition from every point in the spectrum except from the Falconist Party. However, we have tried everything short of colonialism to put Haiti on the right track and have failed. America has intervened in Haiti multiple times and Haiti is still in the same sorry state that was in for the past 200 years.

Moreover, if we fail to rectify the situation in Haiti, another world power will take advantage of the situation in Haiti. Hugo Chavez may establish another Bolviaran regime in Haiti and make Haiti a sattelite state of Venezuela. China may intervene and make Haiti a Communist state that will provide China with a naval base as well as a base to launch missiles, combat aircraft, and terrorist attacks at the US. Then there is the millions of Haitians that will flee from Haiti on rafts to America's shores.

So in conclusion, the only way I know we can truly save Haiti is for America to colonize Haiti and make Haiti a state of the USA. If we can succeed with Haiti, we can succeed with every other Caribbean and Latin American nation of North America and we can unite the North American continent into the greater United States of America that we, the Falconist Party envision.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

the future US Flag

I have been giving alot of thought over the past couple of years about what the US Flag were to look like if we added more states to the union. Over the past 240 years, we added 37 states to the union. That is one state every six years. Between large states breaking up into smaller ones, nations joining our union as one or more states, and colonies we may establish in the ocean or on the Moon or other planets, it is concievable that we may add 100, 1000, or even a million states to our union. How do we adjust our flag accordingly?

Some people propose going back to 13 stars in a circle while others suggest freezing the flag at 50 stars. Problem with this idea is that many people insist that their state is represented in the flag with a star. I have seen designs for up to 70 stars but what then.

Then I came up with a different idea using different colors and types of stars to represent the number of states in the union.

  • One white 5-pointed star will = 1 state
  • One siliver 5-pointed star will = 5 states
  • One gold 5-pointed star will = 10 states
  • One while 4-pointed star will = 100 states
  • One silver 4 pointed star will = 1000 states
  • One gold 4-pointed star will = 10,000 states
  • One white 8-pointed star will = 100,000 states
  • One silver 8-pointed star will = 1 million states
  • One gold 8 pointed star will = 10 million states
  • One white 10 pointed star will = 100 million states
  • One silver 10-pointed star will = 1 billion states
  • One gold 10-pointed star will = 10 billion states
I think a system like this will last the USA at least 1000 years if not longer. Comming up with a flag to represent these states was the easy part. How to govern all these states and represent them in Congress will be the hard part.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Not left, nor right, but up

For the past 230 years, we have left control of our country to the two major parties. For the past couple of decades, the two major parties have failed to fix our tax system, fix our infrastructure, fix social security, fix immigration, fix health care, failed to fix anything! We have given the two major parties a chance and they blew it.

However, the minor parties don't offer much of an alternative either. The Constitution Party wants to take America back to the 18th century and offers 18th century proposals in a 21st century world. We give the Constitutionalists credit for their efforts to rebuild the family unit, championing the sancity of life of the unborn, championing the restoration of public morality. However, the Constitutionalists champion the myth of the American individual while ignoring what government has done throughout our history such as opening the west, building roads and railroads across the country, land grant colleges, building the interstate and U.S. Highway systems, electrifying our country, founding the biotech industry with N.I.H. building the middle class after World War II with the G.I. Bill. The Constitution Party claims they are defending the Constitution when they are actually limiting it.

The Libertarian Party calls for less government when our society needs the government to rebuild our infrastructure, reform our health care system, restore public morality, restore law and order, implement policies to rebuild our industrial base, implement policies to develop domestic sources of energy, rebuild our cities, reform our pension system, and maintain the security of our nation. Moreover, the Libertarian party will not secure our borders, leave our world in chaos, and promotes license of the activities that are destroying our nation.

The Green Party is just a more left-wing version of the Democratic Party. We Falconists care about the environment. However, we don't want to leave the world in the hands of ecofanatics! The environmental movement has become the home of Socialists ever since Communism and Socialism have been rendered into the ash heap of irrelevance!

There is only one party that will combine the ideas of the right and the left to take our nation up. There is only one party that has the plans, the vision, the people, and the resolve to tackle the problems of this country. That party is the Falconist Party.