Sunday, January 10, 2010

Not left, nor right, but up

For the past 230 years, we have left control of our country to the two major parties. For the past couple of decades, the two major parties have failed to fix our tax system, fix our infrastructure, fix social security, fix immigration, fix health care, failed to fix anything! We have given the two major parties a chance and they blew it.

However, the minor parties don't offer much of an alternative either. The Constitution Party wants to take America back to the 18th century and offers 18th century proposals in a 21st century world. We give the Constitutionalists credit for their efforts to rebuild the family unit, championing the sancity of life of the unborn, championing the restoration of public morality. However, the Constitutionalists champion the myth of the American individual while ignoring what government has done throughout our history such as opening the west, building roads and railroads across the country, land grant colleges, building the interstate and U.S. Highway systems, electrifying our country, founding the biotech industry with N.I.H. building the middle class after World War II with the G.I. Bill. The Constitution Party claims they are defending the Constitution when they are actually limiting it.

The Libertarian Party calls for less government when our society needs the government to rebuild our infrastructure, reform our health care system, restore public morality, restore law and order, implement policies to rebuild our industrial base, implement policies to develop domestic sources of energy, rebuild our cities, reform our pension system, and maintain the security of our nation. Moreover, the Libertarian party will not secure our borders, leave our world in chaos, and promotes license of the activities that are destroying our nation.

The Green Party is just a more left-wing version of the Democratic Party. We Falconists care about the environment. However, we don't want to leave the world in the hands of ecofanatics! The environmental movement has become the home of Socialists ever since Communism and Socialism have been rendered into the ash heap of irrelevance!

There is only one party that will combine the ideas of the right and the left to take our nation up. There is only one party that has the plans, the vision, the people, and the resolve to tackle the problems of this country. That party is the Falconist Party.

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