Saturday, January 16, 2010

the future US Flag

I have been giving alot of thought over the past couple of years about what the US Flag were to look like if we added more states to the union. Over the past 240 years, we added 37 states to the union. That is one state every six years. Between large states breaking up into smaller ones, nations joining our union as one or more states, and colonies we may establish in the ocean or on the Moon or other planets, it is concievable that we may add 100, 1000, or even a million states to our union. How do we adjust our flag accordingly?

Some people propose going back to 13 stars in a circle while others suggest freezing the flag at 50 stars. Problem with this idea is that many people insist that their state is represented in the flag with a star. I have seen designs for up to 70 stars but what then.

Then I came up with a different idea using different colors and types of stars to represent the number of states in the union.

  • One white 5-pointed star will = 1 state
  • One siliver 5-pointed star will = 5 states
  • One gold 5-pointed star will = 10 states
  • One while 4-pointed star will = 100 states
  • One silver 4 pointed star will = 1000 states
  • One gold 4-pointed star will = 10,000 states
  • One white 8-pointed star will = 100,000 states
  • One silver 8-pointed star will = 1 million states
  • One gold 8 pointed star will = 10 million states
  • One white 10 pointed star will = 100 million states
  • One silver 10-pointed star will = 1 billion states
  • One gold 10-pointed star will = 10 billion states
I think a system like this will last the USA at least 1000 years if not longer. Comming up with a flag to represent these states was the easy part. How to govern all these states and represent them in Congress will be the hard part.

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