Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Colonize Haiti!

The recent disaster in Haiti is another nail on the coffin of a failed state named Haiti. While the USA is rightfully sending as much aid as possible to the poverty-stricken, ecologically devastated, economically shattered country, it will barely make a dent in the nation's situation. In fact, America has intervened in and withdrew from Haiti multiple times in U.S. History. So what can we do to finally make Haiti right.

I believe the only way we can make Haiti right is if America colonizes Haiti. We must occupy Haiti with 500,000 troops and appoint an American governor to govern the country with American officials carrying out the day-to-day administration of the nation until we train a new civil service administration for the country. We will invest $100 billion in building a system of infrastructure in Haiti which will put 1.6 million Haitians to work at living wages. We will build and operate schools to educate Haitians in the English languages as well as American History, culture and government.

After a decade or two of reconstruction, Haiti will be admitted into the union as a state and the Haitians will be free to elect their own leaders as well as the members of Congress that will represent Haiti.

This proposal will face opposition from every point in the spectrum except from the Falconist Party. However, we have tried everything short of colonialism to put Haiti on the right track and have failed. America has intervened in Haiti multiple times and Haiti is still in the same sorry state that was in for the past 200 years.

Moreover, if we fail to rectify the situation in Haiti, another world power will take advantage of the situation in Haiti. Hugo Chavez may establish another Bolviaran regime in Haiti and make Haiti a sattelite state of Venezuela. China may intervene and make Haiti a Communist state that will provide China with a naval base as well as a base to launch missiles, combat aircraft, and terrorist attacks at the US. Then there is the millions of Haitians that will flee from Haiti on rafts to America's shores.

So in conclusion, the only way I know we can truly save Haiti is for America to colonize Haiti and make Haiti a state of the USA. If we can succeed with Haiti, we can succeed with every other Caribbean and Latin American nation of North America and we can unite the North American continent into the greater United States of America that we, the Falconist Party envision.

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