Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Falconist Plan to win the war on drugs and crime

While crime overall, especially violent crime, has been on the decline since the mid 1990s, America is still one of the most violent nations on the planet. While crime has remained steady in our largest cities, it has also been on the rise in our smaller and mid-size cities. We believe that we need a real battle plan to wage and win this war on drugs, crime and terrorism and we fortunately have one. The battle plan consists of the following elements.

  1. Issue weapons to all law abiding citizens and training them in personal protection.
  2. Fund state and local police departments to hire 1.5 million more police officers as well as increasing their compensation and benefits and arming police officers to the teeth.
  3. Enact tough criminal codes and tougher punishments for offenders
  4. Build and operate prisons that rehabilitate as well as punish
  5. Institute alternative correction measures and punishments and to prison terms
  6. Raze failed inner city neighborhoods to the ground and relocate evacuees to new urban and rural communities established in the sparsely settled regions of America.
  7. Establish Economic Refugee Centers
  8. Unclog our judicial system of frivilous lawsuits through tort reform.
  9. Restore discipline to the home and the school
  10. Empower police officers to do their jobs
  11. Stop treating juveniles with a slap on the wrist
  12. Institute programs to guide and discipline our youth
  13. Restore public morality and traditional values to our society.

We don't think it is enough to just defend the right to bear arms. We think we must take the additional step and issue weapons to all law-abiding citizens and training them in personal protection. If more people were issued weapons and trained in their use, we would have alot more believers in the second amendment and a decrease in crime. Also, the reality today is that more people need to learn to defend themselves, especially young single women. There have been many arguments for preserving our second amendment rights so no need to reinterate them.

Our police departments, especially urban police departments such as Baltimore, Philadelphia, Detroit, NYC, LA, and DC are way undermanned. That is why we call for the funding of police departments to recruit, hire, train and deploy another 1.5 million more police officers on our streets, especially in our most crime-ridden areas of our country. We will also fund our police departments to greatly increase the pay and benefits for our police officers as well as to equip them with information technology, vehicles, and weapons necessary to make our streets safer.

In every state, we will enact a tough criminal code. Every state and territory of the United States that Falconists will control will make murder and sexual abuse capital crimes with death row appeals limited to one per convict. Anyone who is convicted of three or more violent felonies in three separate cases, including offenses committed in prison, will also be subject to capital punishment. We will also simplify the law code so it is simple enough for people to understand.

America has 1% of its population in prison. That currently is three million people. It is not enough to just lock offenders away. Even though we call for longer prison terms, eventually, convicts have to be released back into society. That is why we need to build and maintain prisons that rehabilitate offenders. Joe Acripa's Tent City in Maricopa County, Arizona is an example for how we should run our prisons. Prisons should be places nobody should want to go to or return to. However, we should also build prisons that keep convicts busy so they won't get into mischief in prison as well as to give them skill-training, counseling, and treatment so when they return to society, they will be productive members of society.

In addition to prison, we should look at alternatives to time in jail. Such alternatives include "shaming", caning or flogging, service in drug rehabilitation centers, and restorative justice sentences where offenders have to work for the people they offended. We don't need to send everyone to jail. If we can correct people without sending them to jail, then we should do so.

Most of our crime is still occuring in our inner city neighborhoods and in or around our public housing projects. We need to raze failed inner city neighborhoods to the ground. The evacuees of such neighborhoods will be relocated to new urban and rural communites erected in Wyoming, Montana, Maine, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Idaho, Minnesota, Nebraska, and other sparsely settled parts of America. These new communities will not be like the failed public housing projects. These new communities will be well-designed, well-built, well-maintained, and will have a tough code of rules for the residents to follow. Once the inner city neighborhoods have been razed to the ground, we will build new urban communities and repopulate them with immigrants as well as those attracted to the urban lifestyle. Maybe evacuees will move to these communities as well. However, if we do the job of building the new communities in sparsely populated America right, they won't want to.

Welfare has been associated with crime. We believe welfare should be reserved for the elderly, infirm, and those that need a temporary helping hand. Every other government check aside from the FairTax should be earned checks. We propose the establishment of Economic Refugee Centers to intern welfare recipients and rehabilitate them into productive citizens. People who are interned in ERCs will be well-fed, well clothed, and well housed while they recieve skill training, counseling, and any other rehabilitation that they require. Not only would this reduce welfare rolls and save the government billions, this would also reduce crime as well as turn people who merely consumped into productive citizens.

Parents, teachers, and police officers are afraid of administrative, civil, or criminal liability if they use force or corporal punishment in performing their roles. True, we must avoid the abuse of this authority. However, we have went too far. Criminals don't fear the police and juvenile deliquents don't fear their parents, teachers or police officers. We need to bring ballance to this issue. We need to restore corporal punishment to schools and we need to free parents to discipline their children. There is a fine line between discipline and abuse. But parents have the right, if not the obligation to discipline their children.

The judicial system especially treats juveniles with a slap on the wrist. We propose that if an offender is at least 14 years old, he/she should be tried as an adult in all cases and be detained in juvenile detention until he/she turns 18 where he/she will be transfered to adult detention. If juvenile deliquents realized they will be punished like adults for their actions, they will stop commiting criminal acts. Bullies who abuse others should be tried for simple assault and spend a year or less in juvenile detention for their actions or be subject to caning . Deliquents who steal cars should spend at least two years in juvenile detention or be subject to caning.

It is not the youth that are always at fault for their paths of criminal behavior. Some kids grow up in homes without any structure or discipline whatsoever. That is why we propose expanding Junior ROTC to every high school in America. JROTC will give more kids the structure and discipline they need to not only stay out of trouble but to become more informed, patriotic, engaged and well-productive citizens of our society. For youth that don't attend schools where JROTC is absent or who are home-schooled, we will institute a Cadet Corps program for them to participate in. We will also institute more residential paramilitary academies for at-risk youth like Freestate Academy in Maryland. We will also encourage judges and educational administrators to order at-risk students into private military schools at public expense.

Finally, we must restore public morality and traditional values to our society. Too many children are growing up in broken homes where the parents are divorced or where one is absent. People today have become bad stewards of the institution of marriage and family. We need to put the family unit back together because it is the family unit that is the first department of health, education and welfare.

How do we know if we have won the war against drugs, crime, and terrorism? We propose that when the national crime rate falls below 5%, that should be considered victory. When crime is more than 5% for the nation or for a juridstriction, then another war on crime in America or a particular juridstriction is declared until the crime rate falls below 5%. But we can trully declare victory when people can walk the streets safely at night and when people no longer have to lock their doors. We can and we should win this war on drugs and crime.

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