Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fortress America: How to secure America

America is besiged by terrorists attacks and illegal immigration. Niether party has come up with a successful plan to secure our nation from either of these. But the Falconist Party has a plan to secure our nation.

  1. Change the name of the Department of Homeland Security to the name of Department of Civil Security (DCS) and redefine the department's mission.
  2. Establish a elite anti-terrorism unit within DCS modeled on the British MI5
  3. Merge all federal law enforcement agencies, save the U.S. Marshal's Service into the U.S. Police Force.
  4. Consolidate police forces across America by consolidating local governments
  5. Increase the size of the U.S. Coast Guard to 500,000 personnel
  6. Build a series of Weir Dam's along the Rio-Grande River to widen and deepen the river.
  7. Expand the number of customs and border protection personnel to 500,000
  8. Expand the military to several million active-duty personnel and build a force of citizen-soldiers of tens of millions serving part-time in the National Guard, Reserves, and state militia forces.
  9. Increase the number of police officers, firefighters, and rescue workers in America to five million.
  10. Establish a network of Immigration and Naturalization Centers to assimilate all immigrants into American society.
  11. Raise or abolish the legal immigration limit
  12. Make English the national and primary language
  13. Continue to wage the war agaist the Jihadists in their lands.
  14. Annex Mexico, Canada, Greenland, and the rest of North America.

Homeland sounded so "Soviet". Changing the name from DHS to DCS will greatly improve the department's image. But changing the mission may also broaden it to include projects to improve America's security while the Interstate Highway System under the Department of Defense.

Within DCS, we need to establish a elite anti-terrorism unit modeled on the British MI5. This unit, which we will call the Domestic Defense Division or 3D. The sole mission of 3D will be to prevent and preempt terrorism here at home and will include the top security talent from the ranks of state and local law enforcement as well as from the CIA and FBI. 3D will painstakingly overseen by the intelligence committees of Congress as well as inteligence officials of other agencies and a special tribunal of federal judges will be established to monitor 3Ds activities to ensure that the civil liberties of innocent bystanders are preserved.

Alot of people will say it is against the Constitution for the US Government to establish a federal police force. However, the USPF will only take in federal law enforcement agencies as well as interstate law enforcement agencies such as MWAA and Metro Transit Police in the DC Metro Area. The USPF will be involved in policing and guarding federal property, defending our borders, and policing in areas where state and local police are absent or shorthanded. A single police force would also reduce the overlap between agencies and improve coordination.

The US Marshal's service will remain separate from the USPF and will act as the national "sheriff's office" under the U.S. Department of Justice which will also continue to run the federal correction's system.

Within DCS and the USPF, the US Coast Gaurd should be expanded to 500,000 personnel and be given decomissioned military aircraft and naval warships to patrol America's waters and to intercept boats carrying drugs and illegal immigrants into our country. The USCG academy should be expanded to 5,000 midshipmen. The Customs and Border Protection corps should also be expanded to 500,000 personnel.

State and local law enforcement agencies will continue to exist under this new system. However, we may be better served with 20,000 state and local agencies as opposed to 40,000 under the current system. If we manage to replace counties, tax districts, townships, with a system of municipalities and regional commissions, we may also be able to reduce the number of separate agencies as well providing for better police services and inter-agency coordination.

The number of police officers, along with the number of firefighters and rescue workers will be greatly increased. We propose funding of state and local police, fire, and rescue forces to recruit, train, and deploy another five million police officers, firefighters, and rescue workers on our streeets as well as improving their salary and benefits as well as giving them the tools, weapons, equipment, materiel, and vehicles to do their job. We should also establish a national pension system for our first-responders so they don't have to postpone their retirement when they transfer from one agency to another.

In addition to expanding our police, fire and rescue forces, we need to expand our military to several million active-duty personnel as well as expand our National Guard, Reserve, and state militia forces to tens of millions of citizen-soldiers. This will mean implementation of a program of Universal Military Training. But a larger military and citizen-soldier force is essential to not only defending our nation against terrorism but also carrying the fight to the lands of the terrorists.

Alot of people believe we need to build a wall along the US Mexican border. However, a wall would cede thousands of square miles to Mexico, cut off American border towns from the Rio Grande River, harm cross-border commerce, as well as be expensive to build and maintain. Moreover, a 20 foot high wall can be scaled by a 21 foot ladder or digging a tunnel underneath. There is a better way.

We propose building a series of Weir Dams along the Rio Grande River to widen and deepen the river making it a natural barrier to illegal immigration. The dams would cost the fraction of building a wall and could be easily patrolled by a score of swift boats as opposed to tens of thousands of Border Guards to man a wall. A widenend and deepened river would also provide additional water to the towns of the US-Mexican border.

Some people think we need to shut the border to all immigration. Truth is we need immigrants to maintain a healthy population growth rate for this country and to compensate for the 60 million people missing from Generations X and Y due to abortion and a sagging birth rate. Immigrants also take jobs nobody will fill. That is why we propose raising or abolishing the immigration limit for the USA.

However, we must ensure we assimilate all those who come into this country. That is why we propose a system of Immigration and Naturalization Centers (INCs) where immigrants will be immersed in the English language as well as recieve instruction in American History, culture, government, and basic life skills to function in American society. After completion of such instruction, they will become legal residents. After five years, they may become full-fledged American citizens. In addition, those who choose to enlist in the military for at least two-years may be fast-tracked to American citizenship.

As far as the movement to make America bi-lingual and multi-lingual, we must have one national and primary language to hold this nation together. That language should be English. One fourth of the world already speaks English and English binds nations such as India which has over 1,000 languages together. There are over 1,000 African languages yet to hold these nations together, they adopted either English or French as the national language. We need one national language to hold the USA together. True, it would behoove the American people to learn more than one foriegn language as it is critical to our national security as well as to commerce. However, all legal residents of the USA must know and speak English.

The war against those who launch terrorist attacks against our country must be carried to enemy territory. We must increase troop levels in Iraq and Afghanistan to a million troops in each country. In addition, we must prepare to launch attacks against Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, North Korea, Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, Burma, and maybe even China.

Finally, the best way we can secure America's borders is to reduce them. We are talking about annexing Canada, Mexico, Greenland, Central America, and the island nations of the Caribbean. Uniting all of North America under the stars and stripes. By annexing and rebuilding the rest of North America, we will reduce our borders from 3000 miles with Canada and Mexico to 100 miles with Colombia. By annexing Canada and Mexico, we can put an end to NAFTA and the idea of the NAU that has terrified millions of Americans including Lou Dobbs. If we annex and rebuild the rest of the North American continent, the USA would posess the world's largest land area, a population of 600 million people making the USA third in world population, a GDP of $60 trillion and will continue to remain the world's hyperpower making America more resistant to terrorist attack. By annexing Canada and Mexico, we will put an end to most illegal immigration because the nations of origin of most illegal immigrants will be annexed by the USA and rebuilt. Not only would this encourage more illegal immigrants to stay in their nations of orgin, but they will still be Americanized and made part of the United States.

There you have it. A revolutionary plan to make America safer against terrorist attacks and end the illegal immigration invasion. If we implement this plan, not only would we have a safer and more secure America, we will have a larger, stronger and more prosperous America as well.

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