Sunday, April 25, 2010

China-the new Soviet Union?

Siberia-millions of Chinese are moving into the Siberian Federal District and the Russian Far East establishing homesteads in a land home to around 20 million Russians. Chinese goods stock the stores of the shops in the cities of Siberia and the Russian Far East. Russians acknowledge the land East of the Ural Mountians is slowly becoming Chinese.

Africa-millions of Chinese flow into the Dark Continents and are building roads, freeways, railways (especially high-speed ones), power plants, schools, hospitals, harbors as well as establishing factories, mines, and plantations. Africans see this as the foundation for a modern economy and the means to lift millions of Africans out of poverty while China is investing in the dark continent to gain access to the fuel, raw materials and food to feed China's insatiable appetite for resources and fuel economic growth. However, China is on the verge of turning Africa into one big colony of China with the Chinese mandarins replacing British colonial administrators.

Indian Ocean-the Navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (CPLA) is establishing bases in Sri-Lanka, Bangledesh, and Pakistan, encircling India and worrying the leadership in Delhi. The Indian Ocean was thought to be in the Indian sphere of influence. However, China is increasing its presence in the Indian Ocean.

All this should be worrisome for us. If China snatches Siberia from Russia, it will become the largest nation in area and the resources of Russia will enable China to bolt way ahead of the USA. If China colonizes Africa, it will control two continents on Earth. America and China may return to a bipolar world. However, the ballance can very well be in favor of China.

If China builds a sufficent Navy to challenge the US Navy, then China can control the Pacific Ocean as well as move into the Phillipines, Indonesia, Paupa New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand.

The only Achillie's heel in China is the blowback of its One Child Per Family (OCPF) program. Because of OCPF, the working-age population is going to crash and China's population will begin to age and decline if this policy is not reversed. Moreover, another side effect of OCPF is the tradition of families favoring the male child over the female one and the female children being aborted or killed. This has resulted in a surplus of males in China and fewer females for Chinese men to marry and form families with. This means China will become aggressive and may engage the surplus male population in military adventures.

China could also send 4.7 million Chinese men to Russia since Russia also has a surplus population of women with alot of Russian men dying early for multiple reasons. This bi-racial mass hookup could reverse the population decline in Russia. However, it could also lead to the birth of a new generation of "Chinese-Russians" who may elect to have Russia join the PRC.

I think China may have the ability to become more than just a successor to the Soviet Union. The PRC may become the world's next hyperpower unless we immediately begin a policy of containment and thwart Chinese ambitions in Africa and elsewhere.


  1. the outcome predicted in this article is probably better than a usa dominated world now which invades and intimidates country's on any hint of defiance (Iran Iraq) for example

  2. Are you sure about that Anon/24 May? Have you ever come to think of the fact that the Chinese government has no morals and has shown this through the massmurders of hundreds of thousands, nearly millions of their own people? Really, anyone who opposes the ''People's Republic'', a name as ludicrous as ''The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea''.
    The world has forgotten that China is a dictatorship ruled with a totalitarian military iron fist and investments into Russia, the US and Africa are just their way of building up for a war that by now seems inevitable. Of course noone dares talk about it out of fear that war will come early and their lifestyles be jeopardized. Leave it to the next generation as they say...